Unlike many neighborhoods, Walton Park does not have mandatory HOA (home owner's association) dues that pay for the upkeep of our common areas and fund capital improvements - renovations and repairs.  Residents and nonresidents are welcome to get a pool or association membership in Walton Park.


We have two types of memberships:

  • Pool Membership, includes:

    • Pool usage from Memorial Day to closing day ​

    • Playground usage

    • Tennis Court usage

    • Soccer Field usage

    • Basketball Court usage

    • Discount clubhouse rental rates

    • WP homeowners obtain voting rights*

  • Association Membership (non-pool), includes:​


Association Membership, also referred to as a Non-Pool Membership, is for folks who want to use all the amenities (except the pool) and those that don't use any amenities, but want to contribute to upkeep.

You may pay your membership by check, money order or credit card/debit card, via PayPal, the most secure way to make Internet payments. 


Membership discounts can be had by paying the Early Bird Rates by April 30th. 


When paying via check or money order, make it out to: WPCA, Inc.

P. O. Box 1292

Midlothian, Virginia 23113​

Paying $75 Civic Dues 
per household annually
contributes to the upkeep
of our community facilities.



BEfore April 30th

By Check or Credit/Debit Card

  • $399 Family

  • $255 Couple/Single

  • $235 Senior Couple/Single (60 and up)



AFTER april 30th

By Check or Credit/Debit Card:  

  • $440 Family

  • $295 Couple/Single

  • $275 Senior Couple/Single (60 and up)

$75 per Home

To use the:


Soccer Field

Tennis Courts

Basketball Court, plus

Discount Clubhouse

Rental Rates.

Voting Rights*

and you contribute

to the upkeep of the common areas.



 *Only Walton Park home owning members have the right to vote on community decisions.

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